Sunday 1st September 2019 vs Vagabonds C.C.
Washington do it in style!
Vagabonds C.C. 108 (all out)
Washington C.C. 112-0
Wash drove to the delightful village of Bentworth deep in the Hampshire countryside to renew hostilities with old friends and rivals, Vagabonds CC. 2018 resulted in a closely contested draw; this time, Wash prevailed.

Vagabonds batted first but tight, accurate and hostile bowling from Luke and Clinton both 2-21 blew away the top order. Marshy and Creedo followed up with 3 wickets apiece. Superb catching from Megan, Keith Williams and Ash meant that Vagabonds were rolled for 108.

Mindful of the potential for the Wash batters to implode at any point, Shyam and Megan proceeded cautiously against the oppo’s acurate openers. As the bowlers tired, Wash savaged the attack both openers ending not out and the Wash winning by a mighty 10 wickets.

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Player Runs How out
Shyam Pushpanath 61* 
Mike Egan 35* 
Did Not Bat
Ash Cruickshank
Sam Clark
Nisar Sheikh
Clinton Dugmore
Peter Kloss
Keith Williams
Richard Creed
Wkt Runs Batsmen
1 112 * Shyam Pushpanath  &  Mike Egan

Player Cts Wkt Cts Stmps
Ash Cruickshank 1 - -
Clinton Dugmore 1 - -
Shyam Pushpanath - 1 -
Keith Williams 1 - -
Player Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
Luke Mitchell 7.4 1 21 2
Clinton Dugmore 9.0 3 21 2
Stuart Marsh 5.0 1 23 3
Richard Creed 6.0 1 26 3
Keith Williams 2.0 0 12 0