Saturday 1st July 2017 vs Strongroom C.C.
Wash unable to crack the safe
Strongroom C.C. 220 all out
Washington C.C. 205-6 (40 overs)
As seen through the Aviator's Spectacles of MR LUKE MITCHELL ...

The Washington assembled for a rare Saturday outing at Highgate Wood to face the Strongroom, a fixture not seen on our calendar since 2008, before yours truly joined the club. Fragments gleaned from that encounter suggest appalling weather and scant facilities being a factor in the Washington’s downfall that day.

Not so this time. With Max in charge the Wash fielded first in gloriously warm and humid conditions. Mitchell & Creed opened up and kept the opposition tied down, although Mitchell struggled to get the ball to contact the bat. Wickets were slow in coming but by drinks it was around 4/98, not bad considering it was a good wicket. As the innings wore on a few errors crept in, with a large number of wides and the Strongroom’s aggressive running between the wickets elicited some “Keystone Cops” moments in the field. Overall it was a good bowling performance however, and it was great to see Klossy back in the action with a very good spell. Henry Freeman got his first wicket for the club. A final score of 220 looked challenging but gettable.

After a decent tea in an informal setting, the Wash set about the task, however two wickets were lost with Speck & Brotherhood dismissed with 22 on the board. Up stepped Mike Egan, or Megan as some like to call him, and Aftab Akram playing carefully and determinedly. A decent partnership formed and it was a shock when Mike was dismissed for 38 and the score at 109. James Sibthorpe, another debutant, came in and scored some decent runs and helped push the score up to 147 before being bowled by the excellent Faisal. Aftab was unfortunately run out on 52 with the score at 150 and Klossy came and went for a duck. However all was not lost – with the run-rate climbing, Freeman and Kripps combined and played some very good cricket to try and keep the Wash in the hunt. However, late in the innings the Strongroom still had decent bowling stocks and spread the field wide, making it hard to score, and ultimately the fine 7th wicket partnership of 54 wasn’t enough to see us over the line.

The game was hard fought, but in a very good spirit, and the Wash joined the Strongroom for after match drinks at their local, The Woodman on the corner of Archway Road and Muswell Hill Road. Repeat fixtures are highly likely.

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Player Runs How out
Andrew Speck 9 LBW
Tom Brotherhood 4 Caught
Mike Egan 38 Caught
Aftab Akram 52 Run Out
J Sibthorpe 18 Bowled
H Freeman 22* 
Peter Kloss 0 Bowled
Nick Kripps 26* 
Did Not Bat
Max Murrain
Richard Creed
Luke Mitchell
Wkt Runs Batsmen
1 18 Andrew Speck  &  Tom Brotherhood
2 4 Andrew Speck  &  Mike Egan
3 87 Mike Egan  &  Aftab Akram
4 38 Aftab Akram  &  J Sibthorpe
5 3 Aftab Akram  &  H Freeman
6 1 H Freeman  &  Peter Kloss
7 54 * H Freeman  &  Nick Kripps

Player Cts Wkt Cts Stmps
Tom Brotherhood - 1 -
Peter Kloss 1 - -
Player Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
Peter Kloss 6.0 1 32 1
Max Murrain 8.0 1 34 1
Luke Mitchell 8.0 5 15 1
Nick Kripps 4.0 0 32 0
Richard Creed 7.0 0 43 1
H Freeman 6.0 0 56 1