Sunday 11th June 2017 vs Mynthurst CC C.C.
The Long Way Down
Washington C.C. 148
Mynthurst CC C.C. 126-7
Stu 'Swampy' Marsh reports:

Trekking to this ground may not be the furthest we play, but if this becomes a regular fixture, just like Follies Farm, in years to come it could be a very sought after game. There are many aspects to draw the Wash back. We had a most enjoyable day, despite the no result, at this wonderful ground just north of Gatwick. The field, set in lovely countryside of rolling hills with trees lining the ground, has a decent but quirky pitch and a well tended outfield. For the most part, the game was played in virtually perfect conditions. Generous amounts of sun cream were applied and the Oppo were a very nice, decent bunch of lads.

The Wash batted first in a timed game and slumped to 70 for 8, with Tom Brotherhood (22) playing some nice shots and offering some decent resistance. Their opening bowler was accurate and contained us quite well, but the wickets tumbled as batsmen went aerial, and for sure, at least three of their catches would make a highlight reel in televised cricket – stunning, unbelievable one-handed catches, many fast and or low. Much shaking of heads ensued, particularly given the average age of the Oppo (3 players less than 50) and the fact they were 1 man short. Marsh (43) and Murrain (41) rescued the innings with a much needed 80-odd partnership, but eventually we were all out for 148, 15 minutes before tea (which was also excellent).

At the resumption, Mynthurst lost 3 quick wickets and then stabilised, but advanced slowly, dead-batting many deliveries. It seemed for much of this period that they had shut up shop, but they were cautiously edging their way towards the total. After 20 odd overs, we snared a fantastic run-out from a mix-up to get ourselves back in the game. However, in the end, the Wash bowled 43 overs but could only take 7 wickets. During the final overs, Skipper Dugmore tried several bowling options, with Molloy taking his first for the Wash and Max breaking his back for wickets as usual; his pressure resulted in the run-out. The game finished with 6 Wash fielders close around the bat striving for the final 3 wickets. The first ball of the last over brought 1 of them, clean bowled – 2 more needed… it felt doable. Two balls later a good chance missed at silly point, and reality sank in, the game was gone. Max took 3 wickets of his 14 overs and man of the match Marshy returned 3 for 10 from 8 overs.

Both teams retired to MCC’s favourite pub, The Plough, where Tom and Marshy both bought jugs (the latter for 50 avoidance), and we tucked into burgers and chips provided free for cricketers by the establishment. Look out for this excellent fixture next season as we were invited back with substantial enthusiasm!

In my view, it is days like this under bright summer skies that make cricket the wonderful game that it is (but I may be somewhat biased).

MoM: Toss us between Marshy and Maxxy, with Marshy edging it

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Player Runs How out
Alex Britten 4 Caught
Tom Brotherhood 22 Caught
Clinton Dugmore 0 Caught
Aff Naseem 6 Caught
Mark Molloy 11 Caught
Doug Mills 1 LBW
Richard Creed 0 Bowled
Stuart Marsh 43 Caught
Brian Wingfield 2 Stumped
Max Murrain 42 Caught
Peter Kloss 1* 
Wkt Runs Batsmen
1 5 Alex Britten  &  Tom Brotherhood
2 1 Tom Brotherhood  &  Clinton Dugmore
3 25 Tom Brotherhood  &  Aff Naseem
4 10 Tom Brotherhood  &  Mark Molloy
5 5 Mark Molloy  &  Doug Mills
6 1 Mark Molloy  &  Richard Creed
7 3 Mark Molloy  &  Stuart Marsh
8 16 Stuart Marsh  &  Brian Wingfield
9 77 Stuart Marsh  &  Max Murrain
10 5 Max Murrain  &  Peter Kloss

Player Cts Wkt Cts Stmps
Tom Brotherhood - 1 -
Player Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
Peter Kloss 4.0 1 9 0
Max Murrain 14.0 4 42 3
Clinton Dugmore 6.0 1 19 0
Stuart Marsh 8.0 4 10 3
Richard Creed 5.0 0 17 0
Doug Mills 3.0 0 16 0
Mark Molloy 3.0 1 7 1