Sunday 21st May 2017 vs Haringey Libraries C.C.
Wash snatch victory from the jaws of cancellation!
Washington C.C.
Haringey Libraries C.C.
The scribe of Solihull reporting!

Following last week's nightmarish episode the Wash met up with old foes Haringey Libraries, with whom there have been several close encounters over the years. The game was due to be played at North Midds but unfortunately the pitch was waterlogged and so the game got cancelled at short notice, 11am to be precise.

So why am I sitting here writing this?

Because the skippers thought fast and managed to secure a pitch at Holtwhites CC, Haringey's home ground, in Enfield. Cragoe's manor. A 2pm start for a slightly reduced 35 over affair - Mitcho commandeered an Uber to transport the tea and ensure the troops were fed - game on!

Weather - sunny, bright, no wind, dry.

Oppo - maybe not the strongest side Haringey usually field but decent strength, and good lads.

Track - erm - not the best. Having clearly been played on the previous rainy day, with short notice, it had not been prepared and was unrolled, so we faced another tough day at the crease. Several divets and chunks missing plus a prominent slope, so batting was not going to be easy. On the upside there were no dandelion plants on the track and the ball wasn't grubbing...

Skipper Clint lost the toss and the Wash were sent in. The track was indeed difficult and the top 3 fell quickly. At 26-3 off 6 overs there was some way to go. Fortunately Aftab managed to dig in and with Tom back into the Washington Brotherhood, a partnership began to form. Nothing too flashy, just strong defence and picking off the bad balls. There was serious drama on the neighbouring pitch where a league match was in full flow with hysterical screaming and appealing. Aftab finally went for 35 but Tom batted on - he was joined by various partners who came and went - the pitch being as it was meant you were never really "in" and so well batted Tom for his 49 (jug avoidance). A smashing cameo from Richard Creed at the end meant he finished with 29 not out, some cracking boundaries, and that's 29 more than Clinton managed. The Wash closed on a very healthy 165 all out.

The Wash took to the field and unfortunately several early chances were shelled. However the bowlers always had the upper hand, despite the pitch having dried somewhat. Some excellent line and length in particular from Luke and Apollo who were unlucky not to get more wickets. Max and Walshy got 3 each, and a superb catch from Doug Mills off Nick saw the end of the Haringey innings, all out for 106. Kiwi and Creed with good outfield catches also, and Tom was outstanding behind the stumps (and his gloves didn't come flying off this time). Mike Egan was in close and snapped two sharp chances off Max bowling. So at the end, whilst we had a rocky start in the field, the catches began to stick and we saw a comfortable victory home. Man of the match - tough one between Tom and Apollo...

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Player Runs How out
Tony Harris 4 Caught
Andrew Walsh 12 Caught
Clinton Dugmore 0 Caught
Aftab Akram 35 Bowled
Tom Brotherhood 49 Caught
Doug Mills 9 LBW
Mike Egan 8 Caught
Nick Kripps 0 Caught
Max Murrain 5 Bowled
Richard Creed 29* 
Luke Mitchell 4 Caught
Wkt Runs Batsmen
1 4 Tony Harris  &  Andrew Walsh
2 3 Andrew Walsh  &  Clinton Dugmore
3 19 Andrew Walsh  &  Aftab Akram
4 51 Aftab Akram  &  Tom Brotherhood
5 15 Tom Brotherhood  &  Doug Mills
6 31 Tom Brotherhood  &  Mike Egan
7 0 Tom Brotherhood  &  Nick Kripps
8 0 Tom Brotherhood  &  Max Murrain
9 10 Max Murrain  &  Richard Creed
10 33 Richard Creed  &  Luke Mitchell

Player Cts Wkt Cts Stmps
Tom Brotherhood - 1 -
Richard Creed 1 - -
Mike Egan 2 - -
Tony Harris 1 - -
Doug Mills 1 - -
Player Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
Max Murrain 7.0 1 26 3
Luke Mitchell 7.0 3 13 1
Aftab Akram 2.0 1 8 0
Nick Kripps 2.1 0 12 1
Andrew Walsh 6.0 1 20 3
Richard Creed 6.0 0 22 2