Sunday 23rd August 2015 vs Vishwa C.C.
Arun the Unstoppable wins it for the Wash!
Washington C.C.
Vishwa C.C.

Colonel Luke Mitchell reporting:

One is happy to report that Dispatches have been received indicating that our chaps in the field scored a marvellous victory over the dreaded Vishwa on Sunday.

After some seriously inclement weather, the game was reduced to a twenty over affair, but what an affair it turned out to be.

Reminded one of the famous Fives fixture with Harrow when Binky lost an eye.

It all started jolly well. Our chaps were put in to bat on a damp wicket, and set about their work with great gusto, scoring 142.

Messrs Hill, Akram and Prasad were singled out for particular mention in the aforementioned Dispatches.

When our chaps took their turn in the field, things got a little sticky.  Our chaps were under siege with the opposition chaps matching the run rate up to 80/2.

But then Field Captain Hill gave the order to counter attack and the chaps responded magnificently.  After a flurry of success and extraordinary feats of courage, with our chaps taking brilliant catches and making diving saves, the Washington Brigade bowled out the other chaps for just 108.

Tremendous courage was shown again by the aforementioned Prasad, who took 4 jolly spiffing catches, to add to 3 wickets and a hearty knock of 30-odd with the old bat, what?

Needless to say, Prasad was decorated in the field at the conclusion of the game.  

As one of the chaps remarked, it put one in mind of the Washington's Irons-age, when that damned fellow seemed to have a hand in everything!

But jolly well done, all - top hole!

Player Runs How out
Shawn Hill 26 LBW
Matthew Cragoe 5 Caught
Aff Naseem 9 Bowled
Tony Harris 1 Stumped
Andrew Walsh 0 Bowled
Aftab Akram 36 Bowled
Arun Prasad 31* 
Ash Cruickshank 0 Caught
Peter Kloss 1* 
Did Not Bat
Richard Creed
Russell Pendry
Wkt Runs Batsmen
1 38 Shawn Hill  &  Matthew Cragoe
2 2 Shawn Hill  &  Aff Naseem
3 2 Aff Naseem  &  Tony Harris
4 0 Aff Naseem  &  Andrew Walsh
5 38 Aff Naseem  &  Aftab Akram
6 46 Aftab Akram  &  Arun Prasad
7 9 Arun Prasad  &  Ash Cruickshank
8 7 * Arun Prasad  &  Peter Kloss

Player Cts Wkt Cts Stmps
Tony Harris - 1 -
Shawn Hill 1 - -
Arun Prasad 4 - -
Player Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
Peter Kloss 3.0 0 24 0
Shawn Hill 4.0 0 18 1
Aftab Akram 4.0 0 23 2
Andrew Walsh 4.0 0 22 2
Arun Prasad 4.0 1 15 3
Richard Creed 1.2 0 7 1