Sunday 19th July 2015 vs Hampton Wick Royal C.C.
Wash win at the Wick
Hampton Wick Royal C.C. 171
Washington C.C. 172-3

Aftab Akram reporting ....


A beautiful sunny afternoon in South West London, preceded by several weeks of dry weather, on a flat track with a slope onto a fast outfield - a batsman's dream? The only dampener was the night of rain before which resulted in a top heavy wicket. 

The Wash were arriving in dribs and drabs and so Clint stepped up to captain. The first thing he did right was to win the toss - and bowl. What followed was a demonic opening spell from Luke at the one end, with searing pace and accuracy, Clint at the other consistently hitting the spot - their opening 10 overs going for 14 runs! To their credit, the Wick top 4 were not lightweight but were just completely outdone by the bowling. Clint knocked over 2 wickets and Luke somehow walked away wicketless. First change Arun and Sandeep continued the onslaught;  Arun with 2-28 and Sandeep, sending down some zingers, finished with 2-14.  
However as the overs progressed and the sun dried out the wicket, the momentum shifted to the batting side who became increasingly resilient. Pete, Russell, and Richard all chipped in with wickets, and Hampton Wick were finally dismissed by a very slick run out by Ash swooping in from mid wicket. The last 10-15 overs were hard work however.
Shawn and Aravindan opened up the Wash inning and all was going smoothly until Shawn (who was looking well set, and much to his own disappointment) miscued a stroke and was caught - breaking his run of three consecutive fifties. Aravindan however dug in with Clint and went on before being dismissed for 30, but not until a solid platform had been laid. His dismissal brought Sandeep to the crease who proceeded to tear strips off the bowling with a finger licking 38 not out, including several big boundaries and a huge six which smashed through the pavilion roof and into the rafters (new balls please!). Clint at the other end however was not to be outdone, and followed up his exemplary fielding and bowling with what looked like an effortless 50, finishing with 61 not out. Clint with Sandeep saw the Wash to a comfortable victory with 7 wickets and 12 overs to spare.
A very strong victory and skipper Clint mused after "that certainly was a good toss to win!". But that modest assessment did not detract from the consistent contributions across the team, and notably Arun who was starting to announce his presence as a very credible allrounder - with 3 catches and 2 wickets.  Could the winter of DICKing be finally paying off?  And could the Wash keep the momentum into the remainder of the season....

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Player Runs How out
Shawn Hill 8 Caught
Aravindan Ilangovan 30 LBW
Ash Cruickshank 4 Caught
Clinton Dugmore 61* 
Sandeep Kuckreja 38* 
Did Not Bat
Aftab Akram
Peter Kloss
Arun Prasad
Richard Creed
Luke Mitchell
Russell Pendry
Wkt Runs Batsmen
1 13 Shawn Hill  &  Aravindan Ilangovan
2 6 Aravindan Ilangovan  &  Ash Cruickshank
3 74 Aravindan Ilangovan  &  Clinton Dugmore
4 79 * Clinton Dugmore  &  Sandeep Kuckreja

Player Cts Wkt Cts Stmps
Aravindan Ilangovan - 1 -
Luke Mitchell 1 - -
Arun Prasad 3 - -
Player Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
Sandeep Kuckreja 6.0 1 14 2
Russell Pendry 4.0 0 31 1
Peter Kloss 8.0 0 32 1
Luke Mitchell 5.0 1 7 0
Clinton Dugmore 5.0 1 7 2
Aftab Akram 3.0 0 18 0
Arun Prasad 5.0 0 28 2
Richard Creed 3.0 0 17 1