Saturday 1st September 2012 vs Rose and Crown C.C.
Pretty Close!
Rose and Crown C.C. 156 all out (38.2 overs)
Washington C.C. 143 all out (39.5 overs)

Peter Kloss reporting

Washington narrowly lost this game which in truth they probably should have won. The day was fine, if a little cloudy on this far-flung Essex ground, a 10 minute walk from Fairlop. The pitch was a rather good one however, although the outfield was slow, many balls holding up just yards inside the ropes.

The sides were very evenly matched and if the Wash had constrained Rose and Crown’s batting just a little more then they might have edged it. That said though the bowlers did well, restricting the score to 56 for 4 after 20 overs. However some slogging in the second half of the innings saw the score increase by a further 100. Debutant and medium pace bowler Geoff Barraclough (3-45) and Stephen Coyle (0-28) were the main recipients of the hitting, although Barraclough bowled well, grabbing his 3 wickets.

The best Wash bowling came from Sam Clark, Andrew Anderson (who bowled a particularly tight line and length – like a metronome), and Toby Mariner who wrapped up the tail at the end of the innings.

When Washington batted, Tony Harris, Rory Guy and Stephen Coyle all went quickly against some very pacey opening bowling, in fact the quickest seen all season. This brought Brian White and Max Murray together at 10 for 3 in the 6th over. They weathered the remainder of the opening bowlers’ storm and then carved out a very impressive partnership, pushing the score up to 80 after 24 overs. They seemed to be in full control, but then White was bowled, inadvisably pulling across the line.

5 runs an over were required from this point, and the talk on the sidelines was that if Max Murray could stay there till the end then the Wash would win. Unfortunately he perished caught a few overs later and despite significant efforts from Mani Ahmed and Andrew Anderson particularly, Washington could not quite make it, falling a dozen or so runs short.

The Wash were all out one ball short of the 40 overs.

Man of the Match: for this correspondent the award goes jointly to Sam Clark and Andrew Anderson for restricting the opposition to 36 for 3 from the first 16 overs.

Packing the kit: Mr M.Ahmed, at least he’s consistent in his lateness!

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Player Runs How out
Tony Harris 6 Caught
Rory Guy 2 Bowled
Brian White 48 Bowled
Stephen Coyle 0 Caught
Max Murray 28 Caught
Sam Clark 6 Caught
Mani Ahmed 15 Bowled
Andrew Anderson 17 Caught
Geoff Barraclough 0 Bowled
Toby Mariner 4 Bowled
Peter Kloss 1* 
Wkt Runs Batsmen
1 2 Tony Harris  &  Rory Guy
2 8 Tony Harris  &  Brian White
3 0 Brian White  &  Stephen Coyle
4 70 Brian White  &  Max Murray
5 12 Max Murray  &  Sam Clark
6 24 Max Murray  &  Mani Ahmed
7 7 Max Murray  &  Andrew Anderson
8 3 Andrew Anderson  &  Geoff Barraclough
9 16 Andrew Anderson  &  Toby Mariner
10 1 Andrew Anderson  &  Peter Kloss

Player Cts Wkt Cts Stmps
Stephen Coyle 1 - -
Rory Guy 1 - -
Brian White - 1 -
Player Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
Peter Kloss 8.0 0 29 2
Toby Mariner 3.2 1 13 2
Stephen Coyle 3.0 0 28 0
Sam Clark 8.0 0 16 2
Andrew Anderson 8.0 2 20 1
Geoff Barraclough 8.0 0 45 3