Sunday 12th August 2012 vs Barnes C.C.
Allott grabs a 6-fer!
Barnes C.C. 244 all out (37.3 overs)
Washington C.C. 164 all out (32 overs)

Peter Kloss reporting

On Sunday the Wash lost to Barnes, despite fighting hard to restrict an early flurry of runs. Tom Allott’s was the stand-out performance of the day for the Wash. He was the last bowling change but transformed the scoreboard, the final 6 Barnes wickets managing to add only 30, and the last 4 batsman all out for a duck!! Allott also was on a hat trick twice, with only one ball in between these, so 4 wickets in 5 balls – a feat certainly not seen previously by this reporter.

However the damage to the Wash had been done earlier in the innings. The Barnes openers came out like an express train against the bowling of Toby Mariner (3-39) and Clinton Dugmore (0-49). Clinton particularly was rather wayward on this day and the ball sped to the short boundaries with regularity. Barnes reached around 90 for 3 in the first 10 overs, Mariner taking all 3 wickets. The scoring rate then settled a little as Kloss (1-40), Guy (0-22) and Malcolm (0-30) all took turns, but Barnes were still going at 5+ an over.

It was only towards the end of the innings when Ruan Coetzer discarded the keepers pads to bowl, and Allott took the other end, that the brakes were exerted. Coetzer returned figures of 0-13 from 6 quick and accurate overs, and Allott performed his wicket-taking feats, but went for a few runs in the process. The key to Allott’s success was the bounce and a little turn, into the right hander. Dugmore also assisted with a couple of sharp stumpings.

When Wash batted the top 4 played well, putting on 119 for 3 in the 22nd over. Wash were going well at this point, not too far adrift of the 6 an over required. However once Coetzer was out the innings fell away, with no one able to stay with Max Murray who was holding up his end admirably. Murray (41) played really well and was last out trying to force the score, in vain unfortunately.

Barnes ran out relatively easy winners by 80 runs. After the game skipper Mariner said “A shame Tom’s and Max’s efforts were in vain, with no victory to show for them. Well done to the guys for fighting hard though. I’m amazed Tom actually only bowled 21 balls. 6 of them were wickets and 25 runs came from the rest – it seemed like everything was happening!”


Man of the Match: Tom Allott, 6-25 with the ball, and 33 runs from his bat

Packing the kit: Mani, for inexplicably going to Putney CC for the game and arriving over an hour late at Barnes Common!!


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Player Runs How out
Rory Guy 8 LBW
Tom Allott 33 LBW
Clinton Dugmore 32 Caught
Max Murray 41 Caught
Ruan Coetzer 30 Bowled
Mani Ahmed 6 LBW
Peter Kloss 4 Caught
Toby Mariner 4 Caught
Gary Malcolm 1 Caught
David Gluckman 1* 
Wkt Runs Batsmen
1 13 Rory Guy  &  Tom Allott
2 46 Tom Allott  &  Clinton Dugmore
3 32 Clinton Dugmore  &  Max Murray
4 28 Max Murray  &  Ruan Coetzer
5 12 Max Murray  &  Mani Ahmed
6 6 Max Murray  &  Peter Kloss
7 8 Max Murray  &  Toby Mariner
8 6 Max Murray  &  Gary Malcolm
9 13 Max Murray  &  David Gluckman

Player Cts Wkt Cts Stmps
Tom Allott 1 - -
Clinton Dugmore 1 - 2
Toby Mariner 1 - -
Max Murray 1 - -
Player Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
Peter Kloss 8.0 1 40 1
Gary Malcolm 4.0 0 30 0
Tom Allott 3.3 0 25 6
Toby Mariner 8.0 2 39 3
Rory Guy 4.0 0 22 0
Clinton Dugmore 5.0 1 49 0
Ruan Coetzer 6.0 1 13 0